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AVIKS GROUP - Perfect Industrial Lubricants
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For more than 7 years company “AVIKS GROUP” is one of the recognized producers of plastic greases and technical oils in Ukraine and also CIS countries. The high quality of the ready products and personal attitude to every client made the image to our enterprise as a reliable business partner. Company...
Products of trade mark AVIKS GROUP are recognized by industrial consumers of Ukraine as possessing high operational characteristics and quality. The main kinds of products of AVIKS GROUP are: Transmission oils Oil TAP-15V GOST 23652-79 Oil TAD-17i GOST 23652-79 Oil Nigrol GOST 542-50   Plastic greases Solidol...
AVIKS GROUP uses modern  packing, which correspond to standards and GOSTs
Raw materials and components
Company LLC “ AVIKS GROUP” buys  on continuing basis:   I-40 oil Tar oil Bitumen 12-hydroxystearic acid Wool grease Stearic acid FSG Castor oil Calcium hydroxide Technical oleic acid Oleic acid of first grade Technical sunflower oil Alkaline additive for oils Triethanolamine Ethylene-propylene...