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Basic purpose of greases is the wear reduction of the surfaces of friction for the extension of the service life of cars details and mechanisms. Along with it greases carry out other functions. In some cases they do not so much reduce wear, but regulate it, prevent backfin and jamming of the surfaces of friction. Greases prevent from entering to the surfaces of friction of aggressive liquids, gases and vapors, and also abrasive particles (a dust, dirt, etc.). Almost all the greases carry out protective functions, preventing from corrosion of metal surfaces. Thanks to antifrictional properties greases significantly reduce power “costs” of friction what allows to minimize the losses of power of cars and mechanisms. For protection of metal products, cars and the equipment against corrosion at their transportation and long storage apply special conservation greases. There are also produced working-conservation greases, which are not replaced before equipment operation with antifrictional greases.


For sealing of gaps in mechanisms and the equipment, and also connections of pipelines and shutoff valves apply sealing greases. They possess better pressurizing properties than oils.

Sometimes there are special demands to greases, for example, they have to increase friction coefficient, carry out a role of insulating or conducting materials, ensure functioning of knots of friction in the conditions of radiation, deep vacuum, etc. Such greases are considered as the greases of special purpose.

Main conditions and objects of application of greases:

– open and unpackaged knots of greases;

– not easily accessible knots of friction;

– the mechanisms located under a variable corner to the horizon;

– friction knots where frequent replacement of lubricant is impossible;


– variable high-speed mode of operation of cars;

– the compelled contact of knot of friction or protected surface with water or hostile environment;

– conditions of sharply changing temperature mode;

– sealing of mobile consolidations, epiploons and carving connections;

– long preservation of cars, equipment, devices and metal products;

– need to simplify a design, to reduce the weight and the size of greased devices.


Company AVIKS GROUP produces following kinds of plastic greases:


Solidol Zh




Graphitnaya Zh







EP-1 (L, Z)



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