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AVIKS GROUP - Perfect Industrial Lubricants

Ciatim-221 grease

GOST 9433-80


Application area: rolling bearings of electro-cars, control systems and devices with a frequency of rotation up to 10000 min.-1, modular bearings of aircraft, knots of friction and the interfaced surfaces “metal-rubber” working in vacuum.

Main operational properties: it is insoluble in water, it is hygroscopic, keeps stability even at boiling. At absorption of moisture it is condensed, has the low anti-wear characteristics which are chemically resistant, inert to rubber and polymeric materials. It is efficient at temperatures from -60 up to +150 °C.

Product name

Dropping point, °С

Penetration at 25°С, х10-1 mm

Breaking point, at 50°С, Pа

Viscosity at 0°С and 10с-1, Pа*s, not more than

Colloid stability, %, not more than



Not normalized


1100 (-500С)


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