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AVIKS GROUP - Perfect Industrial Lubricants

Solidol Zhyrovoy

GOST 1033-79

Application area: rough knots of friction in cars and mechanisms of vehicles, agricultural machinery, manual and other tool, screw and chain gears, low-speed gear reducers, etc.

Main operational characteristics: good water resistance, colloid stability, protective properties, it is less condensed at storage, and also it isn’t thixotropically strengthened at rest after the destruction. It is efficient at temperature from -30 up to +65 0C.

Product name

Dropping point, °С

Penetration at 25°С, х10-1 mm

Breaking point, at 50°С, Pа

Viscosity at 0°С and 10с-1, Pа*s, not more than

Colloid stability, %, not more than

Solidol Zh






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