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Transmission oils


Transmission oils are intended for application in knots of friction of transmissions units of automobiles and trucks, buses, tractors, locomotives, road-building equipment, and also in various gear reducers and worm gears of the industrial equipment.

Transmission oils are the base oils alloyed by various functional additives.

As the basic components there are used mineral oils, partially or completely synthetic oils.

General demands to the transmission oils:

In the units of transmissions lubricant oil is an integral element of the construction. The ability of oil to carry out and keep long the functions of the constructional material defines its operational properties. The general requirements to the transmission oils are defined by constructional features, appointments and service conditions of the transmission unit.

Transmission oils work in modes of high speeds of sliding, pressure and wide range of temperatures. Their starting properties and long working capacity have to be provided in the interval of temperatures from -60 to +150 °C. Therefore there are quite strict demands to the transmission oils.

Main functions of the transmission oils:

  • protection of surfaces of friction from wear, jamming, pitting and other damages;
  • decrease to the minimum of energy losses on friction;
  • heat removal from friction surfaces;
  • decrease of noise and vibration of cogwheels, reduction of shock loadings.

Oils shouldn’t be toxic.

Company  AVIKS GROUP produces following kinds of transmission oils:

Oil TAP-15V GOST 23652-79

Oil TAD-17i GOST 23652-79

Oil Nigrol GOST 542-50


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